Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can actually be used as much in the winter months as in the summer. The “smarts” of a ceiling fan can make any room feel a lot cooler or warmer.  A ceiling fan gives the thermostat for your AC or heating unit a break. So, just by changing the direction of your ceiling fan in the summer and winter not only makes you feel comfortable, it helps lower the cost of running you AC and heat throughout the year.

Most ceiling fans are made for 8 foot ceilings, and the flush mount or hugger home ceiling fans are best used in smaller rooms with low ceilings that may not need as much air-flow. There are also “damp ceiling fans” that can be installed outdoors, best used in areas such as covered patios or porches. This type of a ceiling fan can also be installed indoors, in your bathrooms.

MC Electrical feels that ceiling fans are smarter, sleeker and quieter than ever. They can be used in virtually every room of the house, providing a cost saving, energy-efficient alternatives to air conditioners. There are so many styles and colors available to us today that can actually beautify a room. When the temperature rises – let MC Electrical help you beat the heat!