Electrical Panels

You may have heard electrical panels referred to as the breaker box, or fuse box. This is basically the “load center” or the electrical “heart” of your home. This metal service box distributes the power to various circuits throughout your home, and protects your home from running an over-current.

We depend on electricity. When we do lose our power during a storm, or when we experience a tripped breaker, going without can cause a little anxiety. MC Electrical can help you understand the basic components of your electrical panel. The utility companies maintain the power line, which includes everything up to the attachment point of your home. From there, the “load side” is your responsibility. MC Electrical would be honored to share this responsibility with you, just give us a call.


Are you ready for the next power outage? Did you know that the average American uses about 12 Kilowatt hours of energy throughout the house everyday… that’s a lot of wattage! So, it is best to be prepared so you can survive your the next weather disaster.

MC Electrical will help you determine which generator is right for your family, either for your home, business or recreation. A home back-up generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the basic appliances you may need. Remember, the wrath of a hurricane makes having a generator a lifesaver, but it’s not a job for a rookie. Maintaining a generator properly requires advanced skill and knowledge. Call MC Electrical for your peace of mind.