MC Electrical provides electrical rewiring service to homeowners and companies in the West Hartford and Avon areas. If you own a home or commercial property which you rent, having an older building rewired is a matter of safety. There are several clear warning signs evident when it is time to rewire. The most obvious include dimming lights, a burning smell, hot or discolored switch plates, cords, or plugs. Do you get an electric shock when you touch a cord, or do the circuit breakers trip frequently? Unless you have your wiring inspected, how do you know that your home's wiring is in good shape? As local electrical contractors, we are often called out by homeowners when there is a serious problem with their electrical service. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, fire departments respond to an estimated 25,900 home electrical fires each year in the United States. Property loss totals about $1.1 billion, and of course the combined average loss of life and injuries total 1,400. It is in everyone's best interest to live in a home free from the risk of electrical outlet or receptacle malfunction or electrical wiring failure.

Your building's wiring should absolutely be checked if it was built more than 40 years ago. If you must rely on extension cords for power, or have added new computers or major appliances, call us. The electrical system in your home may need to be repaired or updated by a licensed electrical contractor. Although a complete rewire with a new electrical panel can be a big expense, isn't the safety of your family or tenants worth it? MC Electrical is available for 24/7 emergency electrical service for your convenience. Call when you have a question about an electrical issue and ask for a quote: 860-883-8655.

Download The Guide to Home Wiring Hazards from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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